2016 Top 5 US Ventures

ABL Denim

ABL Denim is an inclusive design business dedicated to providing clothing design solutions for people with disabilities.  Founder Stephanie Alves, a fashion designer for over 25 years, was inspired to create the company by her brother and stepsister who have developmental disabilities and mobility issues, respectively. ABL Denim garments include functional features for a special fit that is easier to put on and take off, more comfortable to wear, soothes anxiety, and looks like clothing that everyone else wears, addressing both the physical and emotional effects of disability and aging.



Callisto is an online sexual assault reporting system designed to create a more empowering reporting experience for survivors, provide authorities with better evidence and data on sexual assault, and facilitate the identification of repeat assailants.  Callisto reimagines the reporting process from a position of compassion, empathy, and support for survivors, ultimately empowering them to have great control over their experience and an increased likelihood of achieving justice. Currently implemented in 7 colleges across the US, CEO Jessica Ladd plans to expand to 200 schools by 2021, along with expansion into other institutions such as the military and a nation-wide free roll out over the next several years.


Embrace Innovations/Little Lotus

Little Lotus was founded by Embrace Innovations with a lofty goal: create technologically innovative baby products and in the process, give 1,000,000 babies in the developing world a better chance at life. Little Lotus is an innovative line of baby products which use proprietary NASA technology to keep babies at the perfect temperature, helping them to sleep better. These swaddles, sleep sacks, and blankets have a 1:1 model of giving - for every product purchase, a baby will be saved in a developing country with the Embrace incubator a technology developed by Embrace Innovations 8 years ago.



Kitables is on a mission to create a world with more makers in it.  Doers, dreamers, tinkerers - they are the creatives, the movers and shakers who see opportunity where others see none.  The world needs more of them.  And Kitables is helping nurture them.  Kitables sells approachable, project-based DIY kits in the fields of science and engineering via their multi-channel direct to consumer ecommerce platform.  Their kits aim to remove the intimidation would-be makers may feel when starting up a new project or using a new tool, engaging both novice and expert. They differentiate from traditional building sets with kits that are affordable, approachable and currently trending.


The Town Kitchen

The Town Kitchen delivers chef-crafted meals to Bay Area companies and employs urban youth with significant barriers to employment at a fair wage ($15/hr).  After launching in January 2015, The Town Kitchen delivered 100,000+ lunches to companies like Microsoft, UC Berkley, and Super Bowl 50.  The Town Kitchen is the only mission-driven company in the expanding food delivery space.  As a social impact company, they pair a fair-wage employment model with formalized, student-centered workforce training and access to college course credit.  


2016 Top 25 US Ventures

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