Activators are women who contribute $1100

We know that creating a better world with a new approach takes a widely diverse community. Our Activators range in age from 12- 90, and are women of colour, LGBTQ, grandmothers, successful corporate executives, public leaders, change-makers, early stage entrepreneurs, and wantrepreneurs. They are a cross-section of society with a very special ingredient: they are all radically generous.

Activator Benefits


"I cannot wait to see the greatness in these women"

"I'm IN because I cannot wait to witness the explosive impact it will have on this world; then to be able to look back and KNOW that I've had a hand in enabling this."

Felicia Cheng // 2016 Activator

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In 2016 we are supporting ventures from the four regions below.
You can contribute $1100 to support ventures from any one of these regions. You don’t need to live in that region.

US residents please contribute to a US region.


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