All women are welcome to join us in #radicalgenerosity

It’s going to take you forever to get to my city, could I just pick a region now and contribute? I want to help get this movement started”. - interested Activator

In the original design for #radicalgenerosity I thought that we should limit who could be an Activator (women who contribute $1100 to be loaned to female-led ventures) to a geographically bound area.

I thought that women from a city supporting ventures from their own city would demonstrate local economic impact and build a bigger bond. I thought, it’s going to be much easier to create community and relationships when we are closer together.

And that makes sense rationally, but in our highly mobile world, it’s not always the reality. We are on planes, travelling all the time. 

And, as some pointed out to me, I want to build my network in other cities!

So, why can’t women, anywhere in the world be part of #radicalgenerosity, now?

Delilah Panio from Los Angeles and Jennifer Simpson from Boulder each contributed asFounding Activators even though the pilot was in Canada. 

They wanted to support the launch of this initiative and because of their experience, they both reached out to us and asked to lead our expansion into the US in their native cities.

Ruth Ann Harnisch from the Harnisch Foundation and Jacki Zehner from Women Moving Millions, both named to the 50 most powerful women in US philanthropy list, contributed in the pilot even though they don’t live in Canada because they wanted to support a new model.

I was worried about the experience women would have if we didn’t do events in their community which is why I wanted to say if you weren’t from the region you’d have to wait until we come to yours. After a LOT of pushback from my network (thank you for persisting) we are going to open it up to anyone.

YOU ARE ALL WELCOME to join us if;

  • You are interested in being one of the pioneering women to bring a new model into the world 
  • You want to bring this model to your country, your region, your city
  • You are interested in supporting women-led ventures along with thousands of other women

Please visit, pick the region you most identify with or are most likely to travel to this year.  You will be invited to the two big events in that region and you will be one of the early pioneers who got this movement started.