Activate Annually to Create a New Economic Model

"When I signed up to be a Founding SheEO Activator I didn't realize I had to do it each year to be part of the community" - Founding Activator

We have heard from a few founding Activators that they didn't realize that becoming an Activator annually was going to be a call to action. 

Our first pilot in Canada was an experiment to see if this would work. And the model, the implementation and the results are all pointing towards something that could be a gamechanger for women. It's working.

So, here's some clarification:

  1. We are 'grandmothering in' the founding Activators so you will, forever, be part of the online community (a brand new platform where you will be able to access all of the Activators in each region). 
  2. To attend 2016 events (Gala, Conference, Ask/Give) and select 2016 ventures, you need to sign up to be a 2016 Activator.
  3. Paying each year allows us to continue to fund female entrepreneurs. Without annual contributions to the fund we can't fund more female entrepreneurs. We'd love this to be an annual gift.
  4. If we do this each year, for 5 years (because ventures pay back the money over 5 years), then we will have a PERPETUAL FUND in Canada, forever, something we can hand down to our daughters, granddaughters and nieces.
  5. This year you will have thousands more women in the community who can become your suppliers, advisors, customers and supporters as we add in Los Angeles, Colorado and San Francisco/Bay Area.
  6. Activators will have the opportunity to be part of follow-on funding initiatives, special discounts on SheEO coaching programs and much more. 


Please join us again in 2016 and be part of the creation of a whole new economic model.