Activator Appreciation Happy Hour

  • Montcalm TCR 1083 Mission Street San Francisco, CA, 94103 United States

We love our Activators. It's thanks to you, that this movement can happen - and a movement it is

In order to get to invite more Activators and create this new playing field (not just leveling it), we want to celebrate you, create a space to meet fellow activators and amplify this message. This event will be one of many as we grow the movement.

Please join us for an early Happy Hour at Montcalm. Your entry is your smile and at least one friend who could be a potential Activator. (If you can't make it, feel free to forward this on to a friend to show up to represent you and consider Activating)

SheEO Radical Generosity is funded by 1000 radically generous women per city called Activators. Instead of a handful of partners making large singular investments ($100,000+), a thousand women commit to a $1100 contribution, 90% of which will be loaned out to women-led ventures (in a zero-interest loan) paid back over five years, and reinvested perpetually. The Activators select the ventures. Our community is made up of entrepreneurs, executives, public leaders, and everyday citizens. 

Ready to Activate? Contribute here - Deadline is November 30th

We hope you had a chance to see the recent INC article that highlights the work of SheEO -Female CEOs Get Only 3 Percent of Venture Funding. That's About to Change


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