An Evening of Radical Generosity: Vancouver

  • Graham Lee Innovation Centre – [email protected] 6163 University Boulevard Vancouver, BC, V6T Canada

On Wednesday, November 23rd, just following on the energy of Global Entrepreneurship Week, we invite you to join us for an evening of #radicalgenerosity!

We would like to invite you to join SheEO 2015 Ventures, Activators and new friends for networking and conversation hosted by Oana Dan, Program Manager at the Coast Capital Savings Innovation Hub at UBC, to learn about how you can get involved as a SheEO Activator in the 2016 Radical Generosity Campaign, and to celebrate women building a new economic model! 

Sonia Strobel, co-founder and managing director Skipper Otto’s Community Supported Fishery, is one of the five SheEO ventures funded in 2015 and an Alumna of the UBC Sauder CCSiHub program. Sonia will share her success story of building a business model that is transforming the fishing industry.

Madeleine Shaw and Suzanne Siemens (also a Sauder School of Business grad) are co-founders of Lunapads, another Vancouver-based 2015 Radical Generosity venture. They will share stories of how the SheEO Venture opportunity with the support of SheEO Activators has supported their business' exciting expansion into US mass retail.