Happy Hour - Meet the Founder and Learn about SheEO

  • The Workroom at Backyard on Blake 3070 Blake Street, Unit 200 Denver, CO, 80205 United States

The last few weeks have me more committed than ever to standing in the face of inequality and working to provide opportunity for all.

One of our key challenges is securing equality for women in accessing funding for their businesses and creating a more reliable path to economic self-determination. Currently only 4% of venture funding goes to women. The current male dominated funding models do not work for most women.

I have signed up to be an activator with SheEO which has created a new funding model for women-led social impact ventures called Radical Generosity and Colorado is one of three US markets to launch this year. This a fund by women for women..

This is how it works [Video]:

1000 women per city commit $1,100 each (tax deductible) to provide loans to 10 local ventures. By 2020, SheEO will be in 1000 cities globally, loaning $1B annually to 10,000 women-led ventures around the world. What makes this model special is that the women who make these radically generous investments also select the ventures and back them with their networks and buying power. The ventures themselves work collaboratively to decide how the funding gets allocated.

Here’s a short segment describing the model on local TV a few weeks back.

I've personally signed up as an Activator. I hope you will join me for drinks and appetizers on this special evening to meet and hear from SheEO founder, Vicki Saunders.

Together we can change the way woman-led businesses in Colorado are funded, supported, and celebrated for generations to come.

Fiona Arnold