women supporting women
will change the world


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Up to 1,000 women in each region contribute $1,100 which creates a one million dollar fund. The money is then loaned out to up to 10 women-led ventures at 0% interest, paid back over 5 years and reinvested perpetually. 


"She will not be told she is crazy."

"I’m IN because I want my daughter to have a different experience than I did building my business. She will know that thousands of women have her back and that she can do anything."

Amy Bayer // Co-Founder & Co-CEO, PorchLight Real Estate Group

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new mindsets. 
new solutions.

We invest in women-led and majority women-owned Ventures that have at least $50,000 in revenue this year and are creating social impact through new models, new mindsets and new solutions for a better world. 

Our model is gaining global recognition

Female CEOs Get Only 3 Percent of Venture Funding. That's About to Change.

By Kimberly Weisul  from Inc. Magazine

Female CEOs get a dismal 2.7 percent of all venture capital, the fuel for building fast-growth companies. Now armies of women are ditching Sand Hill Road and creating their own funding universe.

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SheEO featured in...


- Inc. Magazine - Nov. 2016

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 "It's time for an evolution."

"I'm IN because SheEO is changing the world!"

- Saira Rao //  Co-Founder of In This Together Media


scaled globally

Expanding #radicalgenerosity to over 1000 regions worldwide will generate a billion dollars in perpetual funds from a million activators supporting 10,000 female-led ventures.

Imagine having a million radically generous women on your team, ready to help in an instant. What could we build?


women supporting women
will change the world