TECHVIBES: 500 Radically Generous Women Fund 5 Female Entrepreneurs

Last night at a gala in Toronto five Canadian women-led companies were named as the first recipients of Radical Generosity and will be spliting a pool of $500,000 to support their businesses.

Radical Generosity is a grassroots campaign aimed at transforming how female entrepreneurs are funded and supported.

Launched over the summer, the new funding initiative brought together a network of 500 women activators who each contributed $1,000 to create a pool of $500,000.

The radically generous women reviewed the proposals submitted from 240 female entrepreneurs across Canada and selected five ventures to give a zero percent interest loan for five years.

The recipients are Nadia Hamilton of Waterloo's Magnusmode, Ilana Ben-Ari of Toronto's Twenty One Toys, Toni Desrosiers of Victoria's Abeego Designs, Suzanne Siemens of Vancouver's Lunapads, and Sonia Strobel of Skipper Otto's Community Supported Fishery in Vancouver.

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