FINANCIAL POST: How five socially driven, women-led firms got some Radical Generosity

"Vicki Saunders, founder of SheEO, has been an entrepreneur and change agent for two decades: Her journey took her from being an innovator in educational programs that linked schools and business, to founding a consultancy in 1998 based on youth (16 to 24) advising brands, which she later merged with a business incubator and took it public. She has also founded businesses focused on sustainable lifestyles and environmental activism.

Along the way, Saunders says she has used just about every financing tool there is – debt, equity, public markets, and government grants. And she’s found them all lacking: rooted in competition, addicted to growth, dazzled by technology, hunting for unicorns. In other words, structurally biased by male-oriented concepts of success. Where, she wondered, is the financing for businesses founded as much on solving social problems as on accumulating assets and profits? No wonder women-run firms receive just seven per cent of total venture funding, she says." 

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