SheEO Global Summit  • March 9 & 10, 2020 • Toronto, Canada

We have everything we need to create change

Everything is Broken, What a Great Time To Be Alive

Four years ago when we started SheEO, this idea felt a bit “out there.” Now, it’s showing up in headlines around the world.

Our systems are in crisis and we need new innovations across every sector.

SheEO Activators are funding cutting edge innovations that are solving the critical issues we see around us. 53 Ventures have been funded to date, and we’re just getting started.

Join us to see the impact your #RadicalGenerosity is having on the Ventures -- and the world -- and find out who Activators have selected for funding this year.

This year our theme is

It’s time to rethink all of the systems and structures we have in place and we have no time to waste. Our planet and the people on it are in peril, yet we have all the resources we need to thrive. They simply need to be reorganized. SheEO Activators and Ventures are leading the way with new models and new mindsets that are having a big impact on the world.


For starters, we’ve expanded programming to two days, with an Activator-only day on Tuesday. That means more time with Ventures, more content and more opportunities to connect, expand and celebrate!

Content has been curated in four tracks (see below). We’ve designed the Summit so content is delivered in a variety of formats to meet YOU where you are today so we can move forward, TOGETHER.


We’re rethinking how we gather

This isn’t the SheEO Summit you’ve been to before

Our 2020 Speakers

Andrea Menard

Singer–songwriter, Writer and Actor

Carol Anne Hilton

CEO and Founder of The Indigenomics Institute

Carol Vale

Founder of Tiddas in Business

Denise Hearn

Co-author, The Myth of Capitalism

Dori Tunstall

Dean of Design


Elizabeth Lindsey

Fellow of the National Geographic Society

Holly Ransom

Founder and CEO of Emergent

Komal Minhas

President of KoMedia

Sherry Deutschmann

CEO of Sunset

Ventures Inc.

Suzanne Biegel

Founder of Catalyst at Large

Teara Fraser

CEO of Iskwew Air

Theresa Gattung

Leading NZ Businesswoman, Author, Philanthropist

Tracy Gray

Founder of The 22 Fund

More speakers to be announced. Stay tuned!

Amber Allen

Founder and CEO of Double A Labs

Denise Williams

CEO at First Nations Technology Council

Katrine Marçal

Author of Who Cooked Adam Smith's Dinner? 

Valerie Red-Horse Mohl

Executive Director of Social Venture Circle

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Thank you to our Partners

"We are witnessing a powerful shift. I want to support it all the way through."

- Toni Desrosiers, 

  SheEO Venture and Activator

Activators at 2019 Canadian Summit

What to Expect at the SheEO Global Summit

Our hope is that you leave the Summit (re)energized, connected to new people and ideas, maybe a little overwhelmed at how much is happening, full of hope from the realization that YOU and the collective “we” have all that we need to create an inclusive world where we can thrive.

We Can't Wait To See You There

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